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Dear users, no matter you have what demand, as long as you make Kangyu unified
vnational customer service hotline:0750-6316000 / 6318875
From us to do the rest
Service concept: customer purchase, use, repair and carefree; customer satisfaction is the standard.
1, applicable to products: all products brand;
2, product traceability: all the product data available;
3, the warranty period: 1 years for free repair;
4, software upgrade: free lifetime;
5, the data forwarding: to provide free service for data forwarding gateway product;
We have the following four kinds of after sale service:
 Phone support After the product is in use process, have any questions please call: 010-51659145 our customer service representatives will be able to provide you with professional advice and solutions.
 Product repair online registration If you have any questions in the use of our products, can apply for a table with a fault products fill product repair service in repair services section The same to us, our repair center staff will receive the repair after the application promptly contact you.
 On site service If necessary, we will arrange professional technical service engineers for your site service.

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