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Product name:Pressure transmitter
The product model:KYB2003B Series

application:Products for monitoring pressure compressor exhaust air, provide feedback, closed-loop forming system control, product use back pressure sensor, anti electromagnetic interference, high performance price ratio, long service life, can provide OEM service, has been widely used in the field of air compressor, obtains the customer consistent approval.

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    The product designed with advanced foreign pressure sensing element and high reliability compensation circuit, have good long-term stability. With 20 years of production technology, experience and quality of service in the field of sensor, the company have a high reputation and credibility in the industry.



    Air compressor field



    ◆Using advanced foreign pressure sensing element, having stable and reliable output

    ◆Fully welded stable and reliable package structure

    ◆Having strong ability of anti electromagnetic interference, passing EMC tests

    ◆High overload pressure,anti-shock

    ◆Outlet way flexible, convenient installation

    ◆Can be customized according to user requirements for supporting


    Product specifications selection】:


    Product Diagram


    Gross Weight:133G

    Net Weight:128G

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